ArduinoModule-CMSIS-Microchip contains the Microchip vendor-specific ARM CMSIS (Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard) codebase. Along with ArduinoModule-CMSIS (the non-vendor-specific stuff), this module forms the backbone of the Arduino SAMC core.

Build Process


The following build process has only been tested on Windows 10 x86 systems. Your mileage may vary with other OS’s and architectures.


The build process for this module is much simpler than ArduinoModule-CMSIS. Start by cloning the repository.

git clone

You’ll need an environment to build in. We used mingw64. Install it if you don’t already have it.

Adding Processors

Go to and find the processor that you’d like to add. Copy the contents of the archive into the CMSIS-Microchip folder.

Finishing Up

Package everything up by running

make all

This should compress relevant files into a tar.bz2 file, and create a package_CMSIS-Microchip_VERSION_index.json file which is needed for the Arduino package manager. These two files can be uploaded to the file server for download by the Arduino IDE/CLI.

(FortyTwo Systems Internal) tag the release with a “v”, followed by the latest version number.