Welcome to FortyTwo Systems Docs!ΒΆ

The FortyTwo Systems manufactures boards that are perfect for both makers and industrial applications. They runs at 5 volts, feature advanced communication peripherals, and have many times more flash and RAM compared to the Arduino UNO and MEGA. They also runs much faster and provide much more processing power. They are a drop-in replacement for the Arduino UNO and MEGA. Additionally, they have dual CAN controllers so you can interface them to industrial devices.


  • Microchip SAMC21 (Cortex-M0+) @ 48MHz

  • 5V I/O

  • 256 KB Flash, 32 KB RAM

  • 2 CAN-FD controllers

  • 6/8 SERCOM instances (can be configured as SPI, I2C, or UART)

  • Dual 12-bit ADC (12 pins)

  • 1 10-bit DAC